Monday, August 10, 2009

Here are our Sold Items

Miss Swan


Item : Miss Swan Pumps

Colour : Virgin White

Heel Height : 3 inches

Size : Vincci 6 (37) and Vincci 7 (38)

Details I'd Like to Highlight : Super comfy pumps, with white satin detail on the front. Perfect for any casual or even dinners and outings. Very versatile. Brand new, in box, with wrapping. Can't wear because the cutting is small. Bought the bigger size one instead. How often can you find nice white pumps. Elegant, and casual at the same time.

Price : RM40 inclusive of postage

Rockin' Studs

Item : Rockin' Studs

Colour : Beige (with GOLD Studs)

Size : Vincci 6 (37)

Heel Height : 3 Inches

Details I'd Like to Highlight : Gorgeous pair of heels. Both casual wear and dinner wear. Unfortunately, I can't fit into it. Suitable for vincci 6. With a great heel height, gorgeous colour. Not for the faint hearted. So reluctant to let it go. Still in box, brand new, with packing.

Price : RM47 (RM6 for postage)

Item Name : High Waist Skirt (SOLD)
Colour : Snow White
Size : UK4 - UK8
Details to Highlight : Comes with attached sash for fitting wear. Size zipper for easy wearing and a smocked back all to accentuate the waist area. Pure cotton material. The ever popular high waist ribbon skirt is available now in white. Brand new.
Price : RM45 (steal)

Item Name : Tubey Baby (SOLD)
Colour : Hot Pink
Size : UK4 - UK10
Details to Highlight : Stretchable. Comes with detachable satin sash in black. Totally sweet, not too long nor short. Once piece you wont regret. Brand new.
Price : RM35

Item Name : Velvet Clincher (SOLD)
Colour : Chilli Red
Size : UK4 - UK6
Details to Highlight : Brand new clincher with a not so typical material. Velvet. Soft and totally fitting to the body.
Price : RM20 (steal)

Mini Baby
(Uber Love)

Item : Mini Baby

Colour : Black with White Stripes

Size : UK4 - UK8

Details to Highlight : Very cute mini skirt. Casual wear to coll, shopping or anywhere else. Loved this piece so much. Unfortunately, it is too short for me. More for petites. You will not regret this piece. Still slightly reluctant to sell it. Brand new. Staill in packing.

Price : RM32

Cropped In Plaids
(A Blinc)

Item : Cropped In Plaids

Colour : Bark Brown

Size : UK4 - UK8
Details to Highlight : Long sleeved cotton cropped jacket. And everybody loves plaids ryte? It never goes out of style. Love this piece but unfortunately have to let go due to sizing. Don't fit me well. Excellent workmanship with functional buttons. Brand new.

Price : RM39

Stella's Charm
(BlushBerry Boutique)
Item : Stella's Charm

Size : XS - S

Colour : Midnight Black

Details to Highlight : Excellent design. She is modern, she wears only the most body flattering dress yet she is untouchable! Dipped in waist dress that enhance the slim silhouette of your body! Love this piece but have to let it go as it is slightly too short for me to be a dress and I got it in the wrong colour.

Measurements : Length 24 inches, Bust 15 inches
Price : RM46

Bomber Jacket
(A Blinc)

(Pic credited to Asos)

Item : Bomber Jacket
Size : S (UK4 - UK8)
Colour : Champagne Gold, Dark Brown

Details to Highlight : Always wanted to own a military/bomber/biker jacket to up your look but don't want to overdo it? THIS is your answer! A toned down version of the usual leather jackets and guaranteed to keep you warm! And it will definately not be like your otherpurchases sitting in your wardrobe! *winks*Plus side, it has 4 pockets! Not to mention, the cutting of this baby is gorgeously sexy!AND it is very VERY similar to the one we spotted in ASOS! *imported!*

Material : 50% polyester 40% cotton 10% Leather

Price : RM85 inclusive of postage. (steal). Brand new, never worn, still with tag. Have too many jackets. Just bought it because it looked so good.

Item Name : Stripey Off Shoulder (SOLD)
Colour : Baby Blue and Yellow
Material : Stretchable Cotton
Size : XS - small M
Details to Highlight : Very casual yet can be sexy if paired with the right outfit. Wear a tank inside for college or leave it on it's own with a mini skirt for the night. Brand new, ready stock.
Price : RM30

Artistic Kimono (D002)
Price : RM40
Size : UK 6 - UK12
Colour : White with Black detail

Grecian Bandeau with a Twist (D003)
Price : RM35
Size : UK 4- UK10
Colour : Black & Yellow

Devil Wears Prada (D004)
Price : RM40
Size : UK4 - UK10
Colour : Siren Red

Beach Tube (SOLD)

Price : RM 30

Color : White (SOLD), Light Purple (SOLD)
Size : free size (fits XS - S)
Material : Comfy Cotton
Brand new, with tag.

Striped Cardi (SOLD)
(Pic courtesy of Attire's Attic)

Yupp! This piece has no hoodies! It's a cardi. Exactly like Miss Abigail we sold lastime, just that this type has thinner cotton and with stripes! :D :D :D Oh..and it's not the longcardi as other blogshop sells.! HEhe!!! Cardis are just so cute, don't u think.!!! :P Brand new, never worn. Realized I have 2 so selling 1.

Price : RM30 only (steal)
Size : UK6 - UK10
Colour : Black

Double Cotton Tee

(Pic courtesy of Attire's Attic)

YESH! Double cotton it is! We have never seen such basic-tops like this! When we touch this, we thought it was so unique.! Yea. No doubt it looks normal in these pictures! But we are confirmed that u surely gonna like this. This piece is SO RICH with COTTON! Very nice texture we must say! So cottony~ *yumm* look at our 4th picture :) Brand new. With tag.

Price : RM30 (Now RM20 only) (SOLD)
Colour : White
Size : FREE Fits UK4- UK10

Off- Shoulder Stripey (SOLD)

This off-shoulder top is so cute and sporty. Unfortunately it couldn't fit me. Totally brand new, never worn before. Fits the body perfectly. Material is thick cotton and slightly stretchable.
Price : RM15 (Now RM10 only)
Colour : Blue & White Stripes
Size : UK4 - UK8